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Education and Training

The USB Biomechanics Group (GID-50) offers specialized training services with the aim of transferring knowledge and research results to the generations of relay in fields related to biomechanics, health, technologies and society's welfare.
Its methodology is focused on the student, the quality of the contents is baked up by its authors: researchers and technical staff of the University with extensive experience in research and work in the respective areas and for its permanent updating.
The Group's training offer includes presencial courses that cover from specialty teaching to postgraduate master's degrees and doctorate.
The main objective is to introduce the student to the application of the knowledge of engineering in the study of the complexity of the physical organization of living organisms, in particular on the mechanics of tissues and biological systems, making the comparison of their behaviors with the materials and structures typical in engineering. With this knowledge, the student will be able to have a more real and integrated approach to understand the biological systems, susceptible to apply the known tools, with the aim of providing solutions in the field.

Courses offered within the curriculum
Programs of Masters and PhD
Short training courses for professionals